Ho Chi Minh City

Finding the best cafés to work at in Ho Chi Minh

The biggest city of Vietnam might be slightly chaotic, but there’s plenty of cafés to go to if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re a digital nomad, or just want to find a quiet place to sit down for a cup of coffee, you’ll quickly notice that the city is filled with cufe, bohemian cafés. When I was there, I found a handful of them and I was pleasantly surprised by them all. Here are the best cafés to work at in Ho Chi Minh City.

M2C Café

M2C is a quiet and calm café with good service and, perhaps most importantly, excellent WiFi. They open early every day at 7:30 so you can pop in here for breakfast if you’d like to. They also have an extensive lunch menu. The food here is Vietnamese so you can try out some new dishes. They also have a wide variety of coffee, juices and other interesting things such as coffee with grass jelly. The decor is very European as well and overall the atmosphere is cozy. You’ll want to stay here for a long time with your laptop.

The Workshop Coffee

Perhaps the most famous coffee spot for digital nomads, it’s centrally located and has a rustic decor. The place is large and full of young people who are sitting on their laptops or chatting away with friends. However, if you want to try Vietnamese coffee, this isn’t the place to go to. But if you’re interested in trying coffee from around the world (and some local brews), you’ll find plenty here. The staff will happily help you pick out your coffee as well. Besides coffee, they have food such as sandwiches, burgers, pasta and pastries, for everyone with a sweet tooth.

The Maker

Located in the popular ‘Café Apartment’ building in Ho Chi Minh, it’s one of the best cafés to work in. It can get quite busy during the day, but you just need a pair of headphones to drown out the noise. They offer everything from coffee to western food such as burgers. After you’ve checked out all the boutiques in the building, sit down here and enjoy a cup of cold iced tea.

The Loft

Just as ‘Café Apartment’, it’s located in a building filled with boutiques and cafés. But The Loft is perhaps the best coffee shop to work in due to its cool interior with tiled floors and marble tables. It’s a bit more expensive but definitely worth it since you’ll probably end up staying here for a couple of hours. Yes, everyone who’s a digital nomad is guilty of ordering a cup of coffee and staying at the café for hours. But Vietnam is a cheap country to travel in so even if you spoil yourself and get two(!) coffees, you still won’t break the bank.

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