7 American towns named after food

The United States of America has 50 states in its mainland. The geography of each state are so big that there are some towns you haven’t even heard existed until now.

Foodies who love to travel to the USA will go crazy knowing that each town gets its namesake from the dish it’s known for.

Each of these seven towns are named after its staple food or ingredient. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Walnut Creek, California

Rancho Arroyo de Las Nueces y Bolbones was a Mexican land grant given to the state of California in 1834. The land on the western slope of Mount Diablo the small city of Walnut Creek, California.

It was named such because native species of walnut trees can be found there hence, the California walnut.

More than 99% of the walnuts in the country come from this part of California. These valleys supply two-thirds of the world’s walnut trade.

Bean Station, Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has Nashville for music and Memphis for basketball. Little do they kow that on the intersection of the Old Stage Road and the Great Wilderness Road lies a small city known for good bean dishes.

It wasn’t the dish that gave Bean Station its name however. The city was named after William Bean, a pioneer and associate of early American frontiersman and folk hero Daniel Boone.

It used to be a frontier outpost established in 1780. It became an important stopover for longhunters and travelers back then.

Hot Coffee, Mississippi

There really is wonder hiding in small places. Just like this town that grew up on the road from Natchez, Mississippi, to Mobile, Alabama.

Hot Coffee, Mississippi was a well-traveled route in the 1800s. Its name’s history traces back to 1870, when inn and store owner L.J. Davis  hung a coffee pot over his door advertising “the best hot coffee around.”

This famous coffee helped steel travelers regenerate after being on the road for days hence, leading to the community adopting its name today.

Bacon, Texas

Texas might be the king of food-named cities in America. There is Noodle, Ding Dong, Oatmeal, Salty, Sugar Land, and probably many more. One city however takes the gold as it is named after America’s most popular greasy food.

Bacon, Texas is located in Wichita Walls. It is close to the Texas-Oklahoma border. Bacon isn’t the only greasy delight the town has.

Locals residents look forward to the Texas Oklahoma Fair every September. It is the time of the year they get to feast on the town’s signature Polish sausage sandwiches. Corndogs there are also a foot long!

Some of the guiltiest culinary pleasures can be found in Bacon, Texas whenever there are state fairs.

Pie Town, New Mexico

This simple town in New Mexico serves the best apple pies in town. It probably is also why it got its name “Pie Town.”

Pie Town, New Mexico sits astride the Continental Divide in the remote west-central area of the state. It resembles a ghost town on its facade but it has a hidden sweet treasure. It also looks as if you are more likely to find horses there than cars as there are no stoplights.

The Pie Town Café serves the best New Mexican Apple Pie. Their pies are made with green chilies and piñon nuts.

It got its name though back in the 1920s. Hungry travelers stop by this town to buy supplies and snacks while enjoying.. you guessed it. PIES!

Popcorn, Indiana

The next time you go to a movie theatre, you will never stop thinking about the state of Indiana.

Popcorn, Indiana got its name from the company Popcorn, that grows heirloom-in-hormone kernels on GMO-free soil. It is a very small town with a population of only 42.

Story has it that the town was named after the nearby Popcorn Creek. The company claims however that they gave each other its name.

“Both. Popcorn gave its name to the town. The town, in turn, then gave its name to our brand of popcorn,” says the company’s website.

Two Egg, Florida

This little Florida town earned its name during the Great Depression. It was a recession which made unemployment and hunger serious issue back then.

Citizens relied on barter where they traded goods for supplies. The story of Two Egg, Florida’s name is that one day, two boys came into a local store to exchange two eggs for a cup of sugar.

The two did it so regularly that the people there started calling it a “two egg store.” A traveling salesmen would then spread its name to neighboring towns thus, earning its reputation.

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